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About Agency Compliance

How much do you really know about the agency you use? How compliant are they? In truth most operators do not know, they take the agency at their word and only when something goes wrong do the true facts about the lack of controls come to light. Even the most compliant agencies place drivers with only cursory knowledge about the drivers they supply. With over 28 years driver supply experience we know where and how to look.  HGV Work Agency Compliance Audits help Operators keep themselves protected. 

Agency Compliance Audits


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  • HGV Work Compliance offers a number of unique products covering very specific industry issues.


    For the concientious Fleet Operator we offer independent Driver Agency Audits, covering over 20 key areas of agency management, ensuring your suppliers are compliant across the wide range of legislation that affect your business.


    For Employment Businesses  we offer Legislation Health Checks and Legislation training to ensure you and your staff are working within the law. We can offer support and training to assist with the Logistics UK Driver Agency Excllence Accreditation


    Driver Infringement Management training provides valuable training and support for those involved in the driver management process whether the driver is employed or provided by an agency. 

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