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We are now DVSA approved to conduct Module 3a Off Road Reverse Tests & Module 4 CPC Tests 


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HGV Work Limited has all of your Transport Training Needs Covered


Duration - 7 to 35 hours

Driver CPC Courses available for individuals and companies. Competitive pricing and choice of over 30 relevant 3.5 hour modules. 

Transport Manager CPC

DVSA Approved Examiner

We now are accredited to undertake Module 3a Reverse Tests and Module 4 CPC Practical Tests

Licence Acquisition

Duration: 1 day to 5 days

C Licence  - Rigid

C+E Licence  - Artic

Train on an Artic or Drawbar

Module 4 CPC Training & Test

3a Reverse training & Test

Individual and Corporate 

Advanced Reverse Training

4 hours £240

We run a unique 4 hour post test Reverse training course for those struggling with real life reversing onto bays and around yards.

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