Operator Licence Awareness Training


Operator Licence Awareness Training taken with us has these benefits:

 • Meets Traffic Commissioner requirements
 • Keeps candidates up to date 
 • Meets FORS M3 training requirements
 • Shows continual good practice
 • Contributes towards CPD

What is it?

Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) courses provide a detailed overview of the legal undertakings that apply to transport operators, and the systems and best practices that should be put in place to maintain legal compliance at all times. Our OLAT courses are suitable for either goods vehicle or passenger vehicle operators. 


Who should attend?

Operators, transport managers and other transport staff that wish to refresh or add to their existing knowledge. The course will satisfy the requirements of undertakings for awareness training issued by Traffic Commissioners. It also meets the criteria for M3 Responsible Person training set by FORS.


What does it cost?

Operator Licence Awareness Training Course – £180.00 per person. Price includes VAT.

7 hours of Driver CPC Qualification may be added at a small extra charge, if required.


What do I need for remote training? 

Candidates must have the following to be able to attend a remote Operator Licence Awareness training course: 

• A reliable internet service 

• A suitable PC, laptop or tablet that has a camera and a microphone (smartphones may not be used) 

• The latest version of Zoom already downloaded onto that device 

• A distraction free location from which they can attend the training

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