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Road Haulage CPC Training

HGV Work Limited offer a truly bespoke range of training packages designed to give our candidates the best chance of passing the CILT & SEG Road Haulage examinations.


From training material only to one to one coaching we can give you the training you require. Our current pass rate is over 85% 




The Certificate of Professional Competence (Road Haulage) is divided into two assessments - Multiple Choice and Case Study. 



To gain your CPC you must pass the relevant CPC examinations. They are conducted four to six times per year at  approvedCILT & SEG examination centres. The Certificate of Professional Competence in Road Haulage consist of a single multiple choice assessment (70% pass rate required) and a single case study assessment (50% pass rate required). Both subjects will now contain elements of both National and International knowledge and the use of this knowledge.


Course Options


8 Day Comprehensive Study Course 


10 week night school offering 5 hours tuition  per week and practical examination practice.

Homestudy Package

5 day One to One Tutor Package

Corporate Package 

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