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Louise -
Over the last 12 months Paul has guided me through my Transport Manager CPC as well as prepared and successfully guided me through my LGV test. Which I passed today ?????
He’s seen all my highs and lows including the tears tantrums and self doubt over the last year. Broke down the issues explained them coherently and made me pull up my big girl pants and try again untill I succeeded.
If anyone is looking for driver training, transport manager CPC or driver CPC refreshers Paul is most definitely the man!!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5 stars most definitely would recommend


Massive Thank You to Paul Keyworth. I’ve finally gone and passed my HGV Driving Test, first time!! Would 110% recommend anyone who wants to go straight to class 1 to definitely do so.


Paul has been extremely helpful from the start so would recommend to anyone that if your interested give him a message. 




So this happened today ? if anyone else is thinking of changing directions Paul is the man to speak to. He got me through 1st time which shows you how good he is.


Thanks very much for the TM refresher course mate, I really enjoyed it and a great mix of people on it.

Definitely one of the best courses I`ve attended.  Terry - Transport Manager -




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